Empowering Black Entrepreneurs

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Supporting entrepreneurs to tap into the power of the mind and body connection to inspire innovation and achieve success in business.

Supporting your small business as a black entrepreneur is our priority.

All of our resources are available to help you:

  • Find your path to entrepreneurship
  • Grow and expand your business
  • Make an impact in your community.

You don’t have to do it alone anymore.

Expand your mind, eliminate the limiting beliefs holding you back and uncover a new level of confidence in who you are as a business owner.

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Discover our full range of business support services

Workshops and Training

Opportunities to join training sessions on various topics related to entrepreneurship such as financial management, sales and marketing, and product development.


Gain access to experienced mentors who provide you with one-on-one guidance and support.

Marketing and Branding Support

Receive assistance with website design, social media strategy, and content marketing.

Community Support

Access to a community of entrepreneurs that provides support, encouragement and opportunities for collaboration.

Business Incubation

Get help with starting up a business by developing your business idea, building a solid business plan and launching your business with expert guidance.


Gain exposure, exchange ideas and build relationships with other entrepreneurs, investors and leaders in the community.

Personal Development

Receive support in time management, work-life balance, and mindset development to help you thrive as a business owner.

Funding Support

We provide you with information to get funding for your business.

Incubator Program Eligibility

  • Black Entrepreneurs in early stage of entrepreneurial journey
  • Resident of Ottawa, Ontario and The National Capital Region
  • Canadian Citizen , Permanent Resident or Convention Refugee Status
  • Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5+ in English.
  • Ability to commit to 5 months in-person/virtual incubator program

At the end of the program, as a black entrepreneur in Ottawa you will increase your capacity to source funding, develop your networks with local established entrepreneurs and organizations, and gained the tools and support necessary to build your mental health and wellness.